The Making of an Authentic Bali Rattan Bag by Ganapati Crafts Co.

How To Make Round Rattan Bag

It Takes a Village to Make a Bali Rattan Bag!  Each maker in the village may be skilled in specific component, some may specialize in weaving rec...

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拜訪尼泊爾非營利組織WSDO by Ganapati Crafts Co.


尼泊爾婦女手工發展協會 (Women’s Skills Development Organization,簡稱WSDO) 是一個非營利公平貿易組織,從1975年以來一直在為經濟不利、行動不便、受虐、喪偶、離婚、單身或來自農村的弱勢婦女提供有尊嚴的工作機會。 它們培訓婦女學習傳統紡織技能、提...

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