Our Ganapati Crafts journey began when Yian, the founder, traveled to various countries and was enamored by the traditional handicrafts she encountered.

She collected the contact information of her favorite artisans and dreamed of starting her own craft business one day. That day finally came in 2019 when she started as a vendor at the West Palm Beach Antique & Flea Market.

The pandemic: A Turning Point in Our Journey

The pandemic presented challenges for Yian, but it also led her to transform her business and expand her reach by opening a shop in her first-floor live/work studio and growing her online presence. This enabled her to share her passion for handicrafts with a wider audience.

Discover Our First Shop in Jupiter, Florida - Google Map

Transforming into a Design-Focused Business

From its humble beginnings as an importer of handmade items, our brand has grown into a design-focused business, offering over 100 unique designs in wool-felt toys and handwoven bags. Our founder, Yian, travels to Bali and Nepal every year to collaborate with local artisans on creating new designs.

Sustainable Sourcing and Collaborative Creation

Our commitment to quality extends to the materials we use, which are sourced with care - including pure wool from New Zealand and Azo-free dye from Switzerland. Our felt products are hand-felted in Florida and Kathmandu, ensuring authenticity and craftsmanship in every piece. Additionally, our relationship with the artisans involves a deep dive into their cultures, traditions, and backgrounds, with a focus on empowering them through our business.

Join Our Mission to Empower Dreamers

At Ganapati Crafts, we are dedicated to supporting people who have big dreams and original ideas. We believe in the power of design and creativity to make a difference in the world.

By purchasing from us, you are not only receiving unique, handcrafted products but also supporting artisans and helping to bring their stories and blessings to life.

Join us on our journey and make an impact with every purchase. Let's empower dreamers and share the beauty of traditional handicrafts with the world.

Visit Our Showroom in Jupiter Florida

Feel free to reach out to us via text if you plan to visit our shop after reading our story. Our shop is located in the charming Mallory Creek neighborhood in Abacoa.

    3356 W Mallory Blvd, Jupiter, FL, 33458.

    • Mon - Fri 12pm to 7pm (until dusk)
    • On weekends, We typically participate in markets and shows. Check our market schedule and look for us there!

    As a one-person company, Yian handles everything on her own. She may be out for errands or delivering orders during weekdays, so kindly schedule an appointment through text before your visit. After-hours appointments are welcomed.

    561.410.9851 / Yian