Who founded Ganapati Crafts?

My name is Yian (Pronounced like Ian), and my husband Chewei & I grew up in Taiwan. I moved to Florida from Taiwan 3 years ago because Chewei works as a landscape architect here.


Over the last 10 years, I traveled to various countries and was fascinated by countless traditional handicrafts.

I collected all my favorite artisans' contact lists and made friends with them, thinking maybe I could start my own handicraft business one day.


In 2019 Spring, I felt it's about time to share my favorite collections with everyone, so I started as a craft vendor in 

As a result, it turned out successful, which gave me more confidence to turn it into a full-time job.
First few shows when I went into show business. - Miami Lioncoln Road 


Since the covid outbreak, all the shows have been called off. During the quarantine, I discussed with my husband, "why don't we turn our first floor live/work studio into a shop, so everyone can come by?"
So here you see - after 6 months of preparations, our shop is finally officially open:)
For me, Covid it's a crisis but also becomes a turning point for my business. It pushed me to grow quicker and dream bigger other than a market vendor.


Here at Ganapati, we offer a wide range of beautiful handmade products from all over the world. Each product comes with its own unique story.

Syrian Artisans who is relocated to Turkey because of Syrian Civil War.

We learn these stories behind our products from the artisans themselves; and we strive to respect both them and their stories as linked together with their culture, traditions, and natural environments.

Nepali artisan in Pokhara.

We hope to empower these artisans by ensuring that they are fairly compensated for their work; with a long term goal of uplifting the social and economic life and their communities by fostering long term and affirming relationships with them.

Every purchase you make allows the artisans to continue to follow their artistic passions as well as improving their lives and those of their family!


    I hope my business not only uplift my life but also bring blessings to people who work so hard to make their life better and support their family in developing countries.

      Visit Our Showroom in Jupiter Florida

      If you'd like to visit out shop after reading our story, please feel free to text me before visit:)

      Our shop is located in a beautiful neighborhood called Mallory Creek in Abacoa.

        3356 W Mallory Blvd, Jupiter, FL, 33458.

        • Mon - Fri 12pm to 7pm (until dusk)
        • Sat & Sun I usually do shows. Please find me in markets!

        We run this business all on our own, so sometimes we may go out running errands or deliver orders nearby. Please text for appointment before you visit. And of course, after hours appointments are welcome!


        Founder of Ganapati - Yian Chang