What is Ganapati?

Ganapati is a Hindu word for the elephant god Ganesha, who is the patron of arts and sciences and divine intellect and wisdom.

The elephant god ‘Ganapati’ is childlike, kind and deeply empathizes with people.
Hindu people believe that elephants are the most gentle, friendly, and determined animals. They are very moral and have a long memory.

We hope this brand will resonate with our customers. Although we are adults who are involved with the concerns of the world, we can always maintain the heart of a child and not forget to treat the people around us tenderly and kindly.

Our Values

We use natural, durable materials and eco-friendly pigments wherever possible.
We use Azo-free natural dye for WSDO product.
What's more, we are committed to keep our plastic consumption as its lowest.

We have partnered with some of the most talented artisans all over the world. We ensure that we source our products from making group that either are Fair Trade certified, or from small groups practicing the Fair Trade principles but without the means to obtain certification.

We ensure all of our artisans are paid fair wages and have a good working conditions, which helps them to keep on following their artistic passions while providing for their families.

In addition, we are committed to uplifting the communities by fostering long term and affirming relationships with our making group.

Handmade with premium quality
We are working directly with our talented artisans in various countries such as Nepal, Cuba, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan, communicating intensively with them to acquire excellent quality of products.
In sum, we aims to promote sustainable, fairly-traded and global gifts with excellent quality for the socioeconomic empowerment of artisans, especially women.