What is WoVen?

WOVEN is a young Nepalese brand inspired by WSDO (Women's Skill Development Organization).

WOVEN is founded in 2015 by Anup Khada, the son of Ramkali Khada, also known as the founder of WSDO. Anup grew up around talented artisans in WSDO's factory. Everyday he watched them weaving bags, he learned an outstanding sense of design naturally.

Seeing Needs

With WSDO grew bigger over these years, more disadvantaged female came to WSDO seeking for jobs. However, WSDO wasn't always able to open so many job vacancy.

Respond To Needs

Seeing the growing job demand in the factory, Anup, who then has 10 years working experience in WSDO, decided to start a new brand on his own. He was hoping to create more job opportunities and help empower women like his mother did. In the meantime create more beautiful products with premium quality, to create more revenue for the women.

Design Unique Modern Bags With WSDO Fabrics

Woven designs exclusive bags and accessories that is more modern and in line of the trend of the times.

Woven purchase handwoven fabrics from WSDO, and combines them with nettle fabric and suede leather sourced from local female cooperative in the suburb of Pokhara.

Woven support WSDO via purchasing the handwoven fabric. By doing so, the demand of fabrics increased, more job opportunities are hence created both in WSDO and WOVEN.

Though Woven is not Fair Trade Certified brand and not intended to be one, they strive to follow the same principles, offers and job training complied with WSDO.

Now in WOVEN

Woven started with three female makers in 2015, the staff number continues to grow steadily. Now there are more than 25 female makers in working in WOVEN factory, ranging from 18 to 45 years old.

Work condition complied with WFTO principles

Woven work under the guidelines of WSDO. The makers work a standard of 8 hours per day. They are paid by piecewise. Wages are paid above the minimum wage scale in Nepal. The amount of the salary varies on the experience and skills of the artisans.

In the future, Anup also plans to provide paid maternity leave, health insurance and some holiday bonus for the makers.