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Huhu Tabby Cat Finger Puppet


Huhu Finger Puppet - Cutest Taiwanese Tabby Cat In The World

This design is created based on my own cat - Huhu. He is a 14-year-old Taiwanese tabby cat. He moved to the United States with me 3 years ago from Taiwan to build a new family with my husband and his cat Meow-Meow.

There are beautiful spots on his soft & fat belly which I couldn't help but enjoy cuddling & burying my head in it every single day.

This finger puppet replica perfectly the texture of his fur and the shape of him. He seems to like it, too:)

Huhu (the Taiwanese Tabby Cat) & Me. 

  • Size: Approx. 4" ; 10cm
  • Materiel: 100% organic lamb wool
  • Ethically hand-made by Nepalese female artisans.

Our felt products are made from 100% organic lamb wool and use eco-friendly Azo-free dyes.

Ganapati Crafts's artisan smelling to the camera while making felt finger puppets with natural fiber

We are committed to providing fair employment and fostering long-term relationships with our felt-making group. We make sure all the artisans are fairly compensated which allows them to keep on following their passions while providing for their families.

We thank you for supporting and empowering the local Nepalese artisans by purchasing this beautiful artwork.

Ganapati Crafts's Artisan holding a sign writing I made your bag.

Take care of your wool felt product

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