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Huhu Tabby Cat Finger Puppet


Huhu Finger Puppet - Cutest Taiwanese Tabby Cat In The World

This design is created based on my own cat - Huhu. He is a 14-year-old Taiwanese tabby cat. He moved to the United States with me 3 years ago from Taiwan to build a new family with my husband and his cat Meow-Meow.

There are beautiful spots on his soft & fat belly which I couldn't help but enjoy cuddling & burying my head in it every single day.

This finger puppet replica perfectly the texture of his fur and the shape of him. He seems to like it, too:)

Huhu (the Taiwanese Tabby Cat) & Me. 

  • Size: Approx. 4" ; 10cm
  • Materiel: 100% organic lamb wool
  • Ethically hand-made by Nepalese female artisans.

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