Bali Envelope Rattan Crossbody Bag

SKU: R039

Color: Brown
Elevate your style with our luxurious Bali Envelope Rattan Crossbody Bag, handcrafted by skilled artisans in Bali! Made from high-quality natural rattan and real leather, this versatile and unique bag is the perfect combination of luxury and practicality. With a sturdy base that allows it to stand on its own and a detachable strap that easily converts it from a crossbody bag to a clutch, this bag is perfect for any occasion. Its bohemian charm and versatility make it the perfect accessory for the fashionable and practical woman. Add this one-of-a-kind piece to your collection today and enjoy the perfect summer accessory! Shop now to complete your collection of the best Bali Rattan Bags.

Real leather adjustable strap - the perfect blend of style and functionality

Detachable leather strap - unleash the style potential of your rattan bag

One bag, many occasions - versatile bags for every moment

  • Adjustable strap made with real leather
  • Removable real leather strap
  • Suitable for casual outings, work, travel, and more
  • Origin: Bali, Indonesia
  • Material:
    • Brown: Ata grass, Real leather, Cotton fabrics
    • White: Poly Rattan, Real leather, Cotton fabrics
  • Measurements: 8" L x 4" W x 5" H ( 20cm L x 10cm W x 13cm H )

The Bali rattan bags & housewares series are handwoven from Ata grass, also known as "ketak". It's a native reed vine mainly found in Bali Province Indonesia.

Ata reed is one of the finest and toughest wild vines in the world, which makes the handwoven Ata rattan bag strong and durable.

Also, all clips and straps of the bags we used are made of real leather. The button clips are well woven to the body of the bag, which makes it strong and firm, not easy to get detached.


All the products from Ganapati Crafts Co. is 100% handmade. Therefore, the appearance and the size may vary slightly. Furthermore, the color of the inside lining may differ.

Product Care

Dampen a soft, clean cloth with cool water and spot clean.

Balinese artisans use their traditional technique to weave Ata reed vines into beautifully structured rattan items. Read more about how a Bali rattan bag is made.

After finishing weaving, the rattan bags or housewares are smoked over coconut husks in the traditional oven around 24 to 48 hours for distinct caramel coloration and as part of the drying process, which leaves the bag with a slight natural scent that disappears over time.


Bali bags are easy to take care of and built to last. They're cured over a fire of coconut shells, which makes them water and bug-resistant, and they can last up to 100 years with proper care! Here are some tips for keeping your bag in great shape:

  1. Keep it clean: Brush away crumbs with a toothbrush and wipe the bag with a damp cotton cloth.

  2. Trim it: If any little rattan sticks out, trim it to avoid snagging.

  3. Store it right: Hang your bag in a dry place or store it in a cotton bag. Avoid plastic bags, as they can cause mold and damage the surface. Let your bag breathe every few months.

  4. Keep makeup separate: Use a separate pouch to store your makeup so it doesn't smear or stain your bag.

  5. Be gentle with colored bags: Only use cold water and a clean cotton cloth to clean colored bags. Avoid soap or oil to protect the dye and surface.

By following these tips, your Bali bag will look great for years to come!

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