The Story of WoVen Nepal and Ganapati Crafts Co.


Preserving Handicrafts Traditions and Empowering Women through Fair-Trade Business: The Story of WoVen Nepal and Ganapati Crafts Co.

In 2017, Yian, the founder of Ganapati Crafts Co., embarked on a journey to Nepal and stumbled upon WSDO, Women's Skills Development Organization, a Fair-trade certified brand that specializes in hand-loomed cotton bags.

Yian was not only captivated by the beauty of the products but also the brand's values of women's empowerment and fair trade practice. During her visit to the WSDO workshop, she learned about the operation process and the positive impact it had on local women since 1975.

What is WSDO?
WSDO is a non-profit organization founded in Nepal nearly half a century ago and is one of the founding members of the World Fair Trade Organization. Since 1975, they have been providing stable and dignified job opportunities to women who face economic disadvantage, disabilities, abuse, widowhood, divorce, single parenthood, or come from rural traditional societies and have difficulty finding employment.

WoVen: Blending Tradition and Modern Design in Handicrafts

Yian also discovered WoVen, a brand started by the son of WSDO's founder, which combines traditional elements with a contemporary design. WoVen uses hand-loomed cotton from WSDO workshops and recycled buffalo suede from India to create a unique collection of practical and aesthetic products, ranging from small coin purses to large backpacks.

Inspired by the beauty of WoVen and the values it represents, Yian founded Ganapati Crafts Co. in 2019 and brought WoVen to the United States as an exclusive distributor. The brand was well-praised by customers in America, and Yian's confidence in the product grew.

Valuing Every Role in the Handicraft Supply Chain

At Ganapati Crafts Co, every role in the handicraft supply chain is valued, from makers and suppliers to retailers and customers. We emphasize building long-term relationships with workshops, providing stable orders even during challenging times, and paying upfront. We offer responsible retail prices that reflect the effort of all involved, including the makers, suppliers, and the brand team itself.

Promoting Fair Trade Through Modern Handicraft Design: The Mission of Ganapati Crafts

Ganapati Crafts is determined to push against the mass production trend in today's industrial world by creating new designs that blend traditional elements with modern tastes, all while promoting fair trade practices. The company sees itself as a voice in the industry, promoting the value of preserving traditional handicrafts and the importance of ethical business.

Spreading Joy and Reminding of Intimate Connections with Unique Handmade Gifts

The purpose of Ganapati Crafts is to share meaningful handmade gifts with the world, spreading joy to those who receive them. The company hopes that every time a customer receives a gift from them, it will revoke the deep-rooted connections between people and the nostalgic charm of days gone by.



Yian Chang

Owner of Ganapati Crafts Co.

Yian, a Taiwanese Floridian, operates as a handicraft vendor, offering a range of charming and unique products including felt finger puppets, nursery decor, holiday ornaments, and handwoven bags. Be sure to visit Yian's brand, Ganapati Crafts Co., to explore her creative and one-of-a-kind creations.

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